As its name suggests, ShawnCoulson International Lawyers enjoys a substantial international presence. With past and present clients and matters on 6 continents, 59 countries, and 76 cities, we have over 25 years of international service and expertise. Whether ShawnCoulson lawyers are needed to negotiate construction contracts for Afghanistan, deal with client procurement issues in the former Yugoslavia, restructure a Thai public company, or resolve EU distribution law issues for major automobile companies, our decades of international expertise in guiding clients through complex national and international issues are a potent resource.

ShawnCoulson international commercial projects have included:

  • Joint venture for environmental services with a major international oil company.
  • Worldwide distribution and franchising representation for retailing company.
  • Cross-border acquisition of retailer with locations in 24 countries.
  • Establishment of U.S. distribution structure for European manufacturer.
  • International arbitration and mediation of technology contract supplier product dispute.
  • Representation of principal international subcontractor in U.S. government procurement project.
  • Resolution of U.S.-Canadian trade dispute in surface transportation.
  • Restructuring EU automotive dealer networks following merger of car manufacturers.
  • Implementation of distribution rules through local legislation.