ShawnCoulson lawyers have years of experience in protecting clients’ intellectual property interests involving creative works, designs, discoveries, secret formulae, and inventions in copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, franchising, and patents for individuals and companies. ShawnCoulson lawyers also regularly advise clients on the purchase, sale, licensing and franchising of such intellectual property rights, and on the prosecution or defense of such rights in negotiations, litigation, and arbitration.

A substantial part of our intellectual property practice includes safeguarding clients in deceptive advertising, trade defamation, unfair competition matters, and patent and trademark litigation. Our lawyers have won significant court victories reported in published court opinions. Important intellectual property litigation our lawyers have handled includes:

Representation of a manufacturer threatened with patent infringement where the patents defended against were ultimately invalidated with a Court award of attorneys’ fees to ShawnCoulson’s client.

  • Representation of an environmental company against a patent troll where the troll abandoned its enforcement efforts against ShawnCoulson’s client.
  • Representation of a sales and distribution company against an international company claiming trade dress infringement where, after litigation, the matter settled with ShawnCoulson’s client allowed to continue its sale and distribution of the disputed products.
  • Representation of a professional services firm against a potential theft of trade secrets where the matter was quickly and amicably resolved by a settlement satisfactory to ShawnCoulson’s client.
  • Representation of a leading entertainers and entertainment-related matters.